During the winter of 1997, a small group of Catholic mothers were looking for a way to build their faith and foster new friendships with other moms. Their answer was the formation of Mothers In Christ, a group dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God and our Heavenly Mother, who is the perfect role model for women, especially mothers. We ask Mary to guide our group in attaining the goals that are in accordance with her Son's will.


Mothers in Christ offers spiritual, educational and social opportunities for mothers of all ages and encourages a deeper appreciation and renewed commitment to our blessing and holy calling of motherhood.


“I was born and raised Catholic, but my faith has grown more since I joined MIC than in the past 28 years.” ~Tricia F., Christ the King Parish

“MIC has meant for me fellowship with moms who share the same faith with me and who strengthen me in my role as wife and mother.” ~Amy E., Christ the King Parish

“Being a part of Mothers In Christ has been a wonderful blessing by allowing me to meet other women who support each other in motherhood and in our faith journey.” ~Rose D., St. Francis Parish

“It is amazing to me how much this group has helped me in my faith, in my family and in my parenting skills. Just being with women who are living this awesome vocation of motherhood day in and day out is an immeasurable relief.” ~Karen H., St. Patrick Parish