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A Little Bit More About Us

Laura Adams


My husband, Drew Adams, and I moved to Traverse City in the summer of 2016. We currently have three children and one on the way.  Moving to Traverse City was very much our dream, however the only people we knew were the people my husband would be working with. At that time,  we had two young boys and a baby on the way.  I was anxious about having a support system in a new town.  The first day I went to Mothers in Christ I met two other moms due within a few months of me, and instantly felt support from the group.  When our daughter Catherine arrived a few months later, we were showered with meals from Mothers in Christ. I was seeking a community and have been surprised at how much my faith has grown through this fellowship. As a convert to the faith, I've found Mothers in Christ to be a great source for spiritual growth and fellowship. I also enjoy reading--mostly children's literature, but also novels and non-fiction. I love making art with my kids and sometimes find time to make art when they're sleeping. 

Lauren McKolay


She loves MIC!

Jessica Thorne


She loves MIC!